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“Education for Girls is a basic human right and should be interpreted as such by all stakeholders and duty bearers. In addition, it is established that there are many social benefits accruing from sustained          improvements in girl’s education. These include but not limited to, higher family incomes, greater economic productivity, better nutrition, delayed marriage, improved maternal outcomes and infant survival rates, together with overall improvements in education outcomes for children. Investing in girl’s education     therefore yields high returns and directly contributes to economic development.” Source, National Strategy for Girls Education in Uganda.
GEC programme is a Dfid funded project that is being implemented in 18 countries across sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia with 37 projects. This is largest international fund supporting up to 1 million marginalized girls to enroll in school, stay in education and learn.
Girls' Education Challenge Project in Uganda
The GEC project in Uganda is being implemented by 6 key organizations which directly work with other organizations and government sectors.
The six leading organizations include PEAS, Raising Voices, Cheshire Services, Opportunity International/PEDN, Eco-Fuel, and Crane/Viva. Each of these organizations has different components that directly affect the learning, attendance, completion and transition of girls in school.
Girls Education Challenge (GEC) interventions by Opportunity Bank (U) Ltd, the Private Education Development Network (PEDN) and Opportunity International
Through the partnership of Opportunity International (UK), the Private Education   Development Network (PEDN), and Opportunity bank Uganda   Limited; the Girls Education Challenge (GEC) project is being implemented in Wakiso, Mukono, and Jinja Districts.
The goal of the partnership is to support education continuation by marginalized girls in relevant primary and secondary schools. The PEDN/OBUL partnership aims to directly benefit 17,819 girls and 59, 233 indirectly   in 190 private schools (primary and secondary).
PEDN and Opportunity Bank (U) Limited are promoting girl   education through adopting social and financial education as well as access to education loans and school infrastructure development loans. These interventions are based on the high impact of poverty to- wards the attainment of   education to the girl child.
The interventions also seek to   promote the confidence of the beneficiaries to access and use financial services through   financial education and exposure visits to bank halls... The social education component of the project empowers the   beneficiaries to become socially responsible members of the     community through inspiration talks.

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