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The annual Global Money Week is back from the 27th March, 2017 to 2nd April, 2017 under the theme, “Learn. Save. Earn”.
Global Money Week is an annual global celebration, initiated by Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI), with local and regional events and activities aimed at inspiring children and youth to learn about money, saving, creating livelihoods, gaining employment and becoming an entrepreneur.

Why the 2017 theme: ‘Learn.Save.Earn.’  is important to us all

  • Learn: Educating children and young people about their social and economic rights and responsibilities is key to creating a generation of capable adults who can make wise decisions for their future
  • Save: It is important for children and youth to build clever savings habits from an early age in order to cultivate key money-managing skills for later in life
  • Earn: Developing livelihoods skills or receiving entrepreneurial training supports children and young people with getting a job or building their own business and developing their careers.

PEDN shall be carrying out different activities as part of the 2017 Global Money such as:-

  • Financial education workshops/lectures:
  • Financial education games:
  • Visits to stock exchange:
  • Visits to money museum:
  • Visits to banks/financial institutions:
  • Visits to business/corporates:
  • Visits to schools/universities:
  • Newspaper press releases/Articles
  • Media – Radio talk show:
  • GMW selfie Challenge
  • GMW school debates
  • Music, Dance & Drama
  • Social media

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